Docker Trusted Open Source Content

Secure open source software you can trust

Build with open source content that sets the standard

What’s Docker Trusted Open Source Content?

Open source content you know is safe to use

Docker Trusted Open Source Content are high-quality, maintained images of open source platforms, applications, and libraries available on Docker Hub. Made possible by the Docker Official Images and Docker Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) programs, these images provide developers with a trusted version of open source projects. By providing image provenance verification, Trusted Open Source Content limits exposure to malicious content in early development stages.

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Why use Trusted Open Source Content?

Reliable building blocks for better builds


Get all the perks that come with open source software — with added Docker benefits.

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Improve efficiency and velocity

Only let reputable software you trust into your systems. Using reliable open source images means you’ll run into fewer bugs, get regular updates, and you’ll ship applications faster than ever.

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Save developer time and effort

Spend more time developing new features and less time reinventing the wheel. Instead of starting from scratch, developers can pull from a library of 8,000+ trusted base images, projects, and sources.

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Trusted Open Source Content

Secure your builds from the start. Choose from high-quality images that exemplify Dockerfile best practices, originate from known sources, and receive security updates in a timely manner.

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What’s included in Docker Trusted Open Source Content?


Trusted Open Source Content includes two Trusted Content programs:

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Docker Official Images

Docker Official Images are high-quality, open source container images curated by Docker and maintained in collaboration with the upstream project. These images follow best practices for building containers.

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Docker-Sponsored Open Source images

Docker-Sponsored Open Source (DSOS) images are from non-commercial, community projects participating in the DSOS program. When you use a DSOS image, you know it came from a trusted publisher.

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Additional features

Take it to the next level with image management


Make the most out of Trusted Open Source Content with the image management features available with a Docker Business subscription. Image Access Management lets administrators control which types of images their developers can pull from Docker Hub.

Take your container security to the next level with Docker

Find the right subscription for your unique security requirements.