Docker Extensions

Create your ideal developer environment with third-party tools

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Commercial use of Docker Desktop at a company of more than 250 employees OR more than $10 million in annual revenue requires a paid subscription (Pro, Team, or Business).

Please visit our pricing page to learn more about the Docker subscription and paid plans.

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What are Docker Extensions?

Customize your Docker Desktop environment

Extensions expand Docker Desktop’s capabilities and establish new functionalities, integrating your everyday tools seamlessly. Custom integrations are made simple, whether you’re using them or building them yourself. Extensions let developers choose their ideal development environment.

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Reimagine your development workflow

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Customize your environment

Create tools or extend Docker Desktop to suit your specific needs, fostering a more efficient and fluid dev experience.

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Augment Docker Desktop

Enhance Docker Desktop with powerful functionalities like debugging, testing, security, and networking – all within your environment.

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Code with high-quality tools

Rely on Docker reviewed extensions for quality, or explore a wider selection in Docker Desktop Marketplace.

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Streamline dev & admin tools

Bring the tools admins use closer to the development workflow with minimal configuration, enhancing productivity.

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Volumes Backup & Share

Seamlessly back up and share volumes, simplifying data management in Docker.

Work with volumes


Disk Usage

Monitor disk usage efficiently, keeping your Docker environment optimized.

Start saving disk space


Logs Explorer

Easily explore logs, ensuring an effective debugging and monitoring process.

Begin analyzing logs

Discover Extensions on Docker Hub

Start personalizing your Docker Desktop experience with Extensions on Docker Hub.

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Developer resources

Find extensions in Docker Hub

Get hands-on with extensions and plugins through the Extensions Marketplace.

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Build your extension

Learn how to build an extension, and submit it to our Marketplace.

Explore the SDK

Submit your extension

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Learn more about Docker and customize your experience with additional tools.

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