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10 Apr

Docker Admin: Set Up Your Org for Success

This session is for administrators and organization owners using Docker’s Business subscription. Learn the fundamentals and best practices to set up your Docker admin organization, best practices to manage your team’s security settings without limiting developer productivity, and configuring SSO and SCIM. The session will be live with a Docker [...]

17 Apr

Docker Scout: Security Throughout Your Dev Workflow

Improve your dev workflows by building with reliability and security from the start, reducing slowdows, eliminating security flags, and increasing speed to deployment. This session is for developers familiar with Docker and looking to learn how to implement Docker Scout to improve security in the entire development process. Learn about [...]

24 Apr

Office Hours: Live with Docker Support

Are you looking to optimize your Docker Business subscription and set up your team for success? Then Docker Office Hours are for you! This session is for administrators and organization owners using Docker’s Business subscription who need help with the following: Set up your Docker Admin organization Configure SSO and [...]

On-Demand Events


How IKEA Retail Leverages Docker and Kubernetes to Revolutionize Machine Learning Deployments

Join the IKEA Retail team for an engaging webinar uncovering the complexities of their end-to-end MLOps journey, covering platform development, monitoring, and management. We’ll delve into the core of IKEA’s AI/ML deployment with Docker as they share the pivotal role it plays in their MLOps platform. You’ll gain valuable, practical [...]


Innovate or Imitate: The Crossroads of AI Development

The rise of AI has had major impacts on business investments. Now, many companies are at a pivotal point asking: should you buy or rent your AI? Creating your own AI engine allows for innovation, customization, and greater control. But building and training AI models requires significant investments in GPU [...]


Docker Build Cloud: Reclaim Your Dev Time with Fast, Multi-Architecture Builds

Docker Build Cloud is now in general availability! Join Docker’s Michael Irwin and Chris Crone to learn how offloading heavy builds to the cloud reduces wait time and simplifies multi-architecture builds. In this webinar, we’ll cover: Choosing the right build: local or cloud? A live demo of Docker Build Cloud [...]


Docker Advanced: Optimize Your Image Builds

Have you struggled with optimizing your Dockerfiles and keeping them easy to maintain? Learn how to utilize multi-stage builds to increase security, improve developer workflows, and shorten deployment time. Join us for a Docker Advanced session where we’ll dive deep into image layers, build caches, multi-stage builds, and more! This [...]


How to use OpenPubkey to SSH without SSH keys

There’re many ways to leverage OpenPubkey and its ability to add public keys to standard SSO interactions. In this webinar, we’ll focus on a special use case that many engineers find valuable: using OpenPubkey to connect to SSH without SSH keys. Join Docker and BastionZero as we explore the basics [...]


Docker Fundamentals: Get the Most Out of Docker

Join us for a Docker fundamentals session to help you get the most out of Docker! Whether you want to optimize your existing usage, refresh your team’s knowledge, or kickstart usage of Docker tools, this session is for you. Learn how Docker can help you save time and optimize your [...]


A Look Back at Docker in 2023

Dive into the Docker Universe: Join us for a half-hour blitz to catch up on everything that reshaped the Docker landscape this year. We’ll fill you in on all the changes, upgrades, and innovations in the Docker ecosystem, and how they can work for you. What to Expect: Recap of [...]


Accelerated Development with AI & ML

We’ll explore the synergies between artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Docker containerization during this webinar. Gain insights into leveraging Docker for seamless deployment, scaling and management of AI and ML applications. Agenda Overview of AI, ML and Docker Understanding GenAI stack and Docker Q&A  


Build for Integrity and Reliability within the Software Supply Chain

Watch this session to learn how the Docker Software Supply Chain acts as a system of record for your software development lifecycle, enabling DevOps and Security teams to collaborate across shared workflows. Analyze and compare images to improve your application security posture Identify real-time recommendations for remediation paths within your [...]


Docker Scout: Open for general availability

Docker Scout is now available in General Availability! Follow along as we dive into new features such as Docker Scout Policy Evaluation as well as security integrations with Amazon ECR or JFrog Artifactory, and more. We’ll also cover Docker Trusted Content and how it can help your organization mitigate security [...]


Unlocking the power of using Docker & Kubernetes together for faster and more secure deployments

Docker and Kubernetes can help you deploy faster and more securely than ever. Learn more in this webinar from the Cloud Architecture Virtual Summit.


What Docker Can Do For Your Business

Are you ready to learn from our Docker 101 webinar and embark on a journey into the world of containerization? We'll demystify Docker while introducing you to the basics of container technology and how you can apply this to your business.


Cracking the Code to Productivity With a Container-First Approach

Learn how your business can significantly cut costs and deliver solutions faster in this webinar covering the advantages of container-first development.


Docker Scout: Live Demo, Insights, and Q&A

Join us as our expert speakers share insights from the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey and break down the emerging developer needs for Speed, Security, and Choice. We’ll also dive into Docker Scout, one of our newest innovations designed to help you develop and deploy more safely and securely. Agenda: [...]


Securing Developer Workspaces at Scale

Join us as we unveil Docker’s new security model and how it helps bolster organizations looking to secure their developer workspaces at scale. In 2021, 80% of security breaches were due to human error and 20% involved attacks on desktops and laptops.

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