Woman Dies and Comes Back to Life with Incredible Message for Humanity [Video]

Is there an afterlife?

This question has haunted mankind since the beginning. We can’t really imagine what it would look like if there was and the thought of being extinguished forever is beyond scary. Almost a sick joke if that’s the case.

But the truth is, we can’t seem to verify the answer either way.

Modern science is at odds with the spiritual communities of the world on this matter.

Personally, I say why not. Why not believe in the magic of existence, at least it feels better while I’m alive.

That being said, there are numerous accounts of people dying and coming back to life and saying they have seen the other side. While others have gone into other states of consciousness like comas and have a similar experience.

A woman named Anita Moorjani is one of them and she claims there is definitely a life after death.

As the story goes, Anita had terminal cancer and fell into a coma, she was given just a few hours to live.

While she was in the coma she was impregnated with the full understanding of why she got cancer and purpose her life was revealed to her. She could always feel her loved ones around her who had already crossed over.

She was given the choice to stay or go back and of course she came back. One of the biggest realizations she had was that “heaven” can be here and now, not some destination we go to when we die. The biggest miracle was that she regained her health completely.

Please watch the video below, it truly is touching even if you don’t believe in the afterlife.

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source: http://wecanwemustwewill.com