7 Things Successful People Do Before Bed

I’ve read dozens if not hundreds of biographies of some of the most successful people in history and alive today. Let me say that, clearly, there are patterns and common themes to their routines and behaviors.

This article is the distillation of what I have read in terms of healthy nighttime routines.

1. Meditation

I wanted to start off with the most misunderstood and challenging practice that 90 percent of all successful people do.

Meditation in the form of the ancient sitting practice (not prayer or contemplation) has mountains of research suggesting it helps you get better sleep. Try reciting a few mantras before drifting off to sleep tonight and you’ll reap the benefits tomorrow.

Start with 5 minutes sitting quietly on a pillow and follow your breath. Increase the time each week by 1 minute. Within a few months, you will be meditating like a spiritual giant.

2. Journaling

Do a quick check in at the end of the day and write down 5 things that went well and 1 thing you could do better. Next, write down anything that you’re stressed about and get that out of your brain. Research shows that putting pen to paper and releasing the things that are stressing you out can help bring ease and comfort.

Sleep experts highly recommend this practice. So do I.

3. Read

It doesn’t matter what you read as long as it’s not on a brightly lit electronic device. This will help tire your mind so that it is more apt to rest when it comes time to lay down.

4. Ditch the devices

Any type of screen within 1 hour before bed is very bad idea. The specific kind of blue light from our phones and TV’s are scientifically proven to jack up our sleep. Trust me, the world will keep spinning if you put your smartphone down for a few minutes before bed.

5. Go to Bed

This may sound obvious, but getting to bed at a reasonable time gets overlooked all of the time. According to the National Sleep Foundation, we need to be getting 7-9 of sleep per night. If you’re like me, 9 hours seems excessive, but that goes to show you how off balance we are as a go-getting society.

6. Eat Kiwi, Not Steak

What we eat before bed definitely plays a major role in the quality of our sleep. Research suggests a tablespoon of raw honey or fruit may help improve the quality of your sleep. Eat kiwi, not steak before bed for a snack.

7. Brush Those Pearly Whites

Leaving food particles in your teeth to set overnight is like giving an all-night buffet to the bacteria in your mouth.



source: www.positivelywired.com