There is a company that makes incredibly realistic sex dolls and recently there has been an explosion of interest in male sex dolls.

(the video below shows how they work)

Sex Dolls with Bionic Penises

Some say they can outperform any other sex toy and most probably your partner too. Okay, so the bionic penis can “keep going” as long as you want and it can be the size you’ve always dreamed about… but isn’t the point in sex supposed to be a deep connection… with another human?

Will the human race prefer fleeting synthetic pleasure over dancing with the primal and spiritual sexual energies of the magical creature we know as homo sapiens? Are we losing our way here?

In the video, the VICE reporter tries it out for herself and claims it feels so real that she couldn’t tell the difference between the sex toy and a real man.

I get that it may come close to feeling real, but I feel sorry for anyone who tries to convince themselves it’s the same. Only a flesh and blood human can feel like a flesh and blood human, which includes the penis.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for these new toys, but I think those who are planning on using them should do so with caution because there could be emotional consequences, not to mention if these things can outperform humans, future lovers may disappoint you due to no fault of their own. This would be your loss as much as anyone else’s.

Strictly speaking in terms of physical pleasure, if you get used to the speed and exhilaration of driving a Porche, trading down to a Ford Focus may feel depressing after a while.

Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything


That being said, once artificial intelligence gets to a point where we can give robots personalities that mimic humans it will change everything because then it will be feasible for people to feel like they are having a deep sexual experience with another “person.”

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