A Glass of This Juice Every Day Will Detox Your Body, Reduce Your Waistline and Add Firmness to Your Breasts

Pineapples belong to the group of tropical fruits and they have many amazing benefits that we often overlook. They are extremely tasty, but also full of nutrients, vitamin C, manganese, iron, copper and foliate. It’s also the only fruit with the plant compound called bromelain.

This compound boosts your immunity, prevents cancer, promotes wound healing, improves digestion and protects your joints from adverse effects of free radicals. It has the ability to break down blood proteins and helps in the reduction of painful inflammations in the body.

Healthy experts believe that it has several antioxidants. It also restores and rejuvenates the elasticity of skin fibers. It can be seen on female breasts which start sagging due to age. If you drink lots of water, leave out coffee and alcohol and eat pineapples every day, your breasts will become firmer and perkier at once.

A glass of unsweetened pineapple juice is estimated to contain 130 calories, 33 mg of calcium and 30 mg of magnesium.
It also contains 25 mg of vitamin C, which is actually 30% of the daily recommended value for women (75 mg) and more than 25% for men (90 mg).

It is indispensable to women and they are encouraged to include them in their daily diet as pineapples could help in weight reduction, burn cellulite, fight wrinkles and aging signs naked to the eye.

Pineapples can be taken as juice, canned or dried but they are the best if they are eaten fresh.



source: dailyhealthyapple.com