Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) Healthy Juices For Keeping The Skin Soft, Prevent The Vision Lost And Much More

Vitamin A was the first vitamin to be discovered, since 1913. Twenty-four centuries ago, in ancient Greece, the importance of vitamin A was already known.

At that time, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, indicated to his patients suffering from poor vision that they ate beef liver.

When they did, they could see better, especially at night. Hippocrates did not know why the liver helped so much.

However, we now understand that animal liver is a rich source of vitamin A, and also that the eyes need a lot of this vitamin, to function properly in the dark.

Nowadays, we know more than Hippocrates about the importance of vitamin A in a wide range of organic functions, ranging from keeping the skin soft to protect it from the sun.

After vitamin A was discovered, the researchers believed that the only way to get it was through animal foods such as eggs and liver, which contain naturally occurring retinoids, or preformed vitamin A. The body can use this vitamin A when it receives.

In 1928, researchers discovered another way to get vitamin A: By eating plant foods that contain carotenes; The orange, reddish and yellow substances that give some vegetal foods their coloration. The most abundant of carotenes in plants is beta-carotene. The body easily converts beta-carotene into vitamin A in the small intestine, where the special enzymes divide a molecule of beta-carotene in half to produce two molecules of vitamin A.

If you do not need vitamin A at this time, your body does not convert beta-carotene. Then, much of the vitamin circulates in the blood and enters the cells; The rest is stored in adipose tissue. Any time the body needs a little more vitamin A, the liver quickly converts the stored beta-carotene.

Foods rich in vitamin A/beta-carotene

Foods rich in vitamin A are:

-Yellow cheese
-Beef liver
-Cheddar Cheese
-Chicken liver
-Vanilla ice cream
-Skim milk
-fillet of sole
-Swiss cheese

Foods with beta-carotene are:

-Peaches, Fresh
-Asparagus, cooked
-Beets or beet
-broccoli, cooked
-Brussels sprouts
-Carrot Raw
-Corn kernels
-Green beans
-kale, cooked

Juice rich in vitamin A/beta-carotene

Juice rich in beta-carotene # 1


-1/2 cup chopped broccoli
-1 cup carrot juice
-1/4 cup beetroot or chopped beet


Wash, pick and blend with ingredients for a few moments. Take this juice every day.

Juice rich in beta carotene # 2


-1/2 beetroot
-1/2 cucumber without peel
-1 carrot


Pass the ingredients through the extractor. Have a glass of this juice

Juice rich in beta-carotene # 3


-1/2 cup chopped cabbage
-2 carrots
-2 celery stalks
-2 garlic cloves
-2 sprigs of parsley
-1 beetroot
-1 apple


Pass the ingredients through the extractor, except the seeds. Take this juice daily.

Juice rich in beta-carotene # 4


-1 glass of orange juice
-1 peach
-1/2 cup of melon in pieces


Blend all ingredients until smooth. Drink slowly.

Juice rich in beta carotene # 5


-1 apple
-1 carrot
-1/2 cucumber


Pass the ingredients through the extractor. Drink slowly.

Vitamin A/beta-carotene as a remedy to prevent night blindness. Vitamin A helps to see better in the dark. The retina (layer of light-sensitive cells that lies at the back of the eye) contains large amounts of vitamin A, especially in the small structures called buds that serve for night vision.

If you do not consume enough vitamin A, you will develop night blindness, which means you will not see well in the dark or half light.

We all lose some of our vision as we get older, but vitamin A may decrease or even prevent vision loss. If you have noticed that you no longer see as well at night, consult your eye doctor to prevent other problems. If your eyes are right, taking more vitamin A or beta carotene will help.

Vitamin A/beta-carotene as a remedy to prevent dry and flaky skin Skin cells grow rapidly; The outer skin changes completely in just four weeks. All cells that grow rapidly, including those on the skin, need lots of vitamin A. An early symptom of a vitamin A deficiency is that the skin becomes hard, dry and flakes. A recent study shows that taking vitamin A could reduce the chances of having basal carcinoma in cells by 70%, the most common type of skin cancer

Vitamin A / Beta Carotene as a Remedy to Prevent Heart Disorders People who eat foods rich in beta-carotene are definitely less likely to suffer heart attacks and heart attacks. For example, in a major study among some nurses, those who ate more beta carotene foods had 22 percent fewer heart attacks than those who ate less. Those who ate more beta-carotene were better at heart attacks, as the cases were 40% less.

Vitamin A/beta-carotene as a remedy to strengthen the immune system The anti-infective power of vitamin A has been known since it was discovered. Currently, vitamin A is used to improve immunity in some cases; And some very encouraging discoveries suggest other uses in the future.