Clean The Colon, Intestines and Get Down From 5 to 7 Pounds In Only 10 Days

The diet of pineapple and aloe vera is increasingly used by those people who want to lower those pesky pounds. Both natural elements have a lot of really healthy properties, they serve to detoxify, to improve the digestion, to desinflamar and to heal gastric problems.

How does pineapple and aloe help you lose weight?

Through research in bioenergetic medicine it has been proven that both aloe vera and pineapple are two plants that offer a lot of health benefits.

It helps us improve digestion by detoxifying and deflating, they are good enough to treat certain problems like gastritis, colitis or irritation of the colon.

It is a wonderful combination very good for people who suffer from constipation, pain or feeling of heaviness.

They are diuretic, therefore they serve to achieve to clean the kidneys and also the blood.

Thanks to its numerous minerals and vitamins, pineapple smoothies and aloes vera acts to strengthen nails and hair.

It reduces uric acid, cholesterol and prevents thrombosis and circulatory problems.

As for the diet to be able to lose weight, pineapple and aloe vera combined are excellent for decreasing cellulite, purify the body and detoxify it. It achieves a bowel cleansing which makes it easier for people to lose weight and also burn fat.

The pineapple can be eaten in the amount you want also produces a feeling of satiety and helping to direct other foods that we have eaten previously.

A characteristic of aloe vera is that it has almost no flavor, has depurative properties, helps to eliminate debris, is astringent and deflates the belly and help with gastric problems.

That’s why the combination of these two natural plants provides unique and really flattering results.

How to lose weight with pineapple and aloe vera

Once you are informed about the properties of pineapple and aloe vera you can begin to incorporate these two elements in your diet, the diet will serve to purify and detoxify, you must follow them for ten days each month, accompanied by a feed Low in fat and high in protein.

Pineapple smoothie and aloe vera to lose weight

If you want to start your day with lots of energy, an aloe vera and pineapple juice is the best option. It is very good for purifying the body and improves intestinal health.

To achieve this shake you will only need the following ingredients:


Pineapple (2 slices)
Pulps of aloe vera (1 tablespoon)
Ground flaked seeds (1 tablespoon)
Water (1 glass)


It is recommended to drink this shake at the beginning of the day, starting with preparing the aloe pulp. It is best to prepare it with the translucent gel found in the center of the plant. In a blender you must place the pineapple together with the pulp and the flax seeds. You must liquefy it until the mixture is well homogeneous and just there add the glass of water.

For the diet to show its wonderful effects, you must drink this milkshake for ten days in a row. You will notice how you burn fats and how you will clean your digestive tract. Adding a few ice cubes will make a much more refreshing smoothie, ideal for hot days.

How to follow the diet of pineapple and aloe for the rest of the day

In this diet it is very necessary to be constant, to follow it for 10 days every month. As we mentioned above, you should start drinking the smoothie during breakfast, you should also drink aloe vera juice after lunch and dinner to digest much better food.

Try to reduce high-fat foods, fried foods, refined flours, etc. from your diet. A really healthy salad can prepare it with pineapple chunks, walnuts and turkey breast bits. So your body can get minerals, proteins and vitamins.

To prepare the juice of aloe vera you must only mix the pulp in a glass of water, you can add a spoonful of honey to sweeten it.

It is recommended to dine lightly about two hours before going to sleep, it can be baked eggplant, pineapple and papaya salad or artichokes with vinegar, lemon and oil. After dinner take a glass of aloe vera juice and then a glass of pineapple juice before bed.