Recipe That Will Save Your Lungs: Do This In The Upcoming Three Days And Completely Recover Your Body

Whether you are smoker or not you may happen to have lung problems. If you smoke it is even worse because your lungs are certainly damaged. Using this recipe you will be able to cleanse your lungs within 72 hours.

Before you start this treatment it is desirable to discard all dairy products from the diet in order for the body to expel toxins easier.

Then you need to follow these steps:

— The first day you need to drink 200 ml of herbal tea before bedtime. It will help your intestines to eject toxins that cause constipation, which will facilitate the lungs work better.

— Squeeze the juice of two lemons, mix it with warm water and drink the resulting beverage before breakfast.

— Drink 300 ml of freshly squeezed grapefruit or pineapple juice. These two citrus fruits contain natural antioxidants that help the breathing system.

— Drink 300 ml of freshly squeezed carrot juice in the period between breakfast and lunch. The juice will alkalize your blood.

— During lunch you need to enter 400 ml of juice that contains potassium in your organism. The juice acts like a tonic for cleaning the organism. Before you go to sleep drink 400 ml. of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice fights bacteria in the lungs that cause infection.

— And of course, you should be physically active and exercising. In addition, make sure you enjoy a hot bath, daily. The bath should not last more than 20 minutes. The warm bath will help the body to easily expel toxins. Also it is desirable to inhale using eucalyptus oil.


The Method That Will Save Your Lungs: Do This For 3 Days And Heal Your Body!